I’ve been testing some packages in Plone (3.2 and/or 3.3rc’s) and thought it migth be handy to put the results into my blog so our team and the rest of the world can review this. Here’s a first attempt…


This package makes it possible for your users to upload multiple files (documents and images) at once from their computer into the plone site.


  • add Products.PloneFlashUpload to your eggs and zcml section in buildout
  • run buildout
  • add a Plone site in the ZMI with the PloneFlashUpload profile selected

What it does?

After installation you can see a tab Upload in the toolbar of your plone site.


In that screen you can browse your computer using the select-files-knop.png button


Then select several files you want to upload and click Open:


You can see the files being uploaded:


The result: All uploaded files are added to your website.



  • Tested on: PloneĀ  3.2.2, IE7 and FF3.0.11
  • Uploaded following file formats without problems: jpg, png, pdf, doc, ppt, mp3, inc, css, php.
  • Uploading an html-file appears to work (upload completed) but doesn’t show up anywhere in the contents of your site. This package is meant for images and documents, not for webrelated files (html, php, asp,…).
  • There is a maximum size to files that you upload, you can change these settings in zope.conf (cgi-maxlen 0).For more information see this formpost on markmail.One of my files was over 9MB so that should be more than enough…
  • There’s also a section on FlashUpload in your Site Setup which lets you add content types that are available for upload. Adding Document to this list makes it possible to upload html-files for example, but they only show the source code so it’s not usable as an import-tool

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