• add collective.uploadify to your eggs and zcml section in buildout
  • run buildout

 What it does

After install, go to http://your-plone-site/@@upload

This gives you a place where you can browse for files, select files on your computer and upload them to your plone site.


uploadify-browse.png uploadify-upload.png uploadify-uploading.png uploadify-result.png


Doesn’t contain a Generic Setup profile, but is easily addable in any policy package or just addable in the ZMI.

See more info on pypi page:

If you want to smoothly integrate the upload funtionality to your site, consider to add the following lines
to your policy product in the profiles/default/actions.xml:
or simply go to the Zope Management Interface -> portal_actions -> object and add a new CMF Action Category
from the dropdown and configure it with the following lines:

The pypi page also mentions that you can set site_properties, you have to manually add site properties in the ZMI (yoursite/portal_properties/site_properties) or in your policy package.


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